2-component perimeter sealant of insulation glass

 1.95 /liter
 1.70-1.80 /liter  wholesale
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Thiocol based secondary perimeter sealant for production of IGU (insulation glass units) providing its mechanical strength, protecting primary sealant and ensuring an additional barrier for penetration of water moisture inside insulation glass unit and diffusion of gases.

• high adhesion to glass, metal and composite spacers (aluminum, stainless or zinc galvanized steel);
• optimal physical and mechanical properties both for automatic and hand application;
• optimal pot life and hardening time;
• optimal thixotropic properties (no leaks, no stringing);
• high resistance to atmospheric impact and heat-aging resistance

For application using an extruder: 209 ltr. (barrel 190 ltr. + bucket 19 ltr.)
For a manual method of application: 19,8 ltr. (bucket of 18 ltr. + tin 1,8 ltr.).

Posted: 19 July 2018, 09:47
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